Motorcycle Repair Services in Reynoldsville, PA

If it rides on two wheels and has an engine, Paradise Cycle can repair or restore it! We offer a complete range of motorcycle repair services to riders throughout Reynoldsville, Sykesville, Brookville, and Punxsutawney, PA, no matter what bike you own. From vintage and classic models to off-road bikes and even luxury sport bikes, we treat every motorcycle with the careful attention it deserves—and we always deliver superior results with our autoshop motorcycle servicing and motorcycle autoshop fuel tank repair services.

  • Vintage Off-Roading Motorcycles Repairs

    Have a vintage bike that needs restoration or repairs to get it back into riding shape? We can deliver them! We specialize in vintage and classic bikes, and can take them from any condition to like-new again. Our machine shop allows us to create parts from scratch that might be difficult to come by or out of production, and our intimate knowledge of vintage bikes means we know how to restore your motorcycle with care.

  • Vintage Racing Motorcycles Repairs

    As racers ourselves—through American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) and other circuits—we have a deep appreciation for racing motorcycles. More important, we know what it takes to keep these bikes in race-ready condition. We deliver motorcycle engine repair services that keep your bike ready for action and can provide the tune-ups and modifications you need to race your best at an upcoming rally.

  • Motorcycle Repairs

    Whether you’re a racer or a cruiser, we’re your destination for motorcycle repair services in Reynoldsville, PA. Every bike we service is given our undivided attention, and we take the time to work on your bike with care and precision. Whether it’s a minor repair and tune-up or replacement of major parts and components, we’ll service your bike from top to bottom to leave it looking and functioning better than it ever has before.

  • Emissions Inspections for Motorcycles

    Need emissions inspections for motorcycles? Stop by our shop to have one performed by a State Certified Emissions Mechanic. If there’s a problem, we’re here to fix it, too! Our goal is to get you and your bike in and out as quick as possible, with a clean emissions test or the repairs you need to make it that way.

Put Your Bike in Expert Hands

You won’t find a wider body of knowledge or a wealth of experience for motorcycle repair and autoshop motorcycle servicing anywhere else! Schedule an appointment with Paradise Cycle today at 814-894-5221 and let us provide you with comprehensive motorcycle engine repair services, delivered by the best in the business.

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